Nancy McCleary

Intuitive Life Guidance


I share channeled psychic guidance from the spiritual realms.

You’ll connect to your higher self and experience soul growth.

You’ll get to the core spiritual principle(s) that you need to work on and master for your soul’s growth and evolution. If you are experiencing a challenge or problem in your life, look at it this way; the Universe has presented you with an opportunity to have profound soul growth. It’s a life lesson gift-wrapped in an experience. How great is that! You can begin to view challenges as a way for your soul to expand and grow.

What’s even greater is that your challenge is not only an opportunity for soul growth, but an opportunity for you to explore your spirituality and connect more intimately with Spirit. It is often during the dark night of the soul, that we look within and find God.

I’m blessed to be able to share guidance from the spiritual realms that will help you gain clarity, experience soul growth and find your higher self. Another way to explain sharing guidance from the spiritual realms is to call it psychic channeling. I enter into a meditative state and create a connection to the unseen and bring forth the information that Spirit, or Source wants you to receive. You might have a block to this direct connection at times, so I act as the “channel” between you, and the energy beyond what we know in the physical world. This can be particularly helpful in all areas of life- relationships, money, spirituality and more. From sharing this guidance with many people, I know that you will receive the information that is most beneficial for your soul’s growth, always in a gentle, loving and compassionate way.

Cards of Destiny/Love Card Reports

Using this sacred and ancient predictive system, Nancy offers you guidance in life and love.

Most of us want to know how we can best navigate our life experience, what our lessons are and how we can make choices that serve our highest good. Cards of Destiny is a mathematically based system that incorporates numerology, astrology and a deck of playing cards to give you answers and provide you with a practical guidance system. It is an astonishingly accurate oracle system that can guide you to the magic!

Aura Photography

One of the best ways for people to see the more magical side of themselves is with an aura photograph. It is profoundly life altering to see that we are more than our physical bodies. Our colors and the shape of our energy field reveal so much about us. Nancy shares her accurate and intuitive interpretation with each picture. You get to keep a beautiful full color polaroid photo of your unique energy field. If you live in the Boulder/Denver area, and would love to see your own aura in a photograph, check her event calendar for upcoming opportunities to receive this enlightening gift. You can also book your own Aura Camera event: private parties, group and corporate events lend themselves well to sharing Aura Photography!

Numerology for Career/Life Purpose

Discover your dream career! My powerful intuition and psychic abilities infuse every session. You’ll reconnect the parts of you that are waiting to transform. You’ll walk away with steps to take to move you in the right direction.


Affirm this!

Maximizing your energy level, feeling grateful and loving, focusing on what you want and anticipating that magic will happen all contribute to creating your beautiful life. So does eating healthy food, committing to a meditation and personal development practice and insisting on healthy relationships.

Here is an affirmation to say daily to ensure that you bring in the magic:

magenta affirmation